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Miami, Florida

Common Injuries From Miami Car Accidents

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Common Injuries From Miami Car Accidents

The forces involved in a collision and the safety equipment found in cars and trucks cause several common injury patterns in Miami, FL. But although accident victims often suffer similar injuries, each case is unique. The medical treatment you require, the pain and suffering you endure, and the income you lose will distinguish your case from all others.

To better understand how a car accident could affect you, it can be helpful to learn about the common injuries from Miami car accidents and how to seek compensation for their effects.

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How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Miami

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Miami

Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers was founded in 2007. Since then, the firm has recovered over $100 million in injury compensation for its clients.

The firm’s Miami car accident lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience. Some notable car accident case outcomes they’ve achieved include:

  • $12.24 million verdict for a fatal car accident
  • $3.75 million settlement for a brain injury from a car accident
  • $1 million settlement for a car accident caused by an unsecured load

When you hire Shaked Law to represent you, you’ll receive legal assistance in the form of:

  • An internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding your accident to collect evidence and uncover the full extent of your losses
  • The ability to hire experts to analyze your case and testify on your behalf at trial
  • Negotiating a fair settlement agreement with the other party to your case and file a lawsuit if they refuse to negotiate in good faith

Car accident injuries can cause pain, mental anguish, and temporary or permanent disability. To discuss the compensation you can seek for these and other effects of a car accident injury in Miami, Florida, contact Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

How Common Are Injuries From Miami Car Accidents?

According to the Florida Crash Dashboard, Miami-Dade County had 62,535 traffic accidents in 2021. The county contains 15.5% of Florida’s population but only saw 12.2% of Florida’s traffic accidents. This means drivers in Miami were less likely to get into a car accident than drivers elsewhere in the state.

These accidents included 19,396 injury crashes and 324 fatal crashes. In 2021, 31.5% of Miami traffic accidents caused a fatal or non-fatal injury. But the injury rate varied depending on the type of accident:

One more statistic illustrates the frequency of auto accident injuries. Bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents often injure the cyclist, pedestrian, or motorcyclist but rarely the driver. Car accidents, by contrast, can injure occupants of both vehicles.

According to the Crash Dashboard, Miami car accidents injured 25,804 people in 2021. This means each accident in Miami that year injured an average of 1.54 people.

In sum, fewer than 30% of Miami car accidents cause injuries. But if your accident falls into that category, the odds are fairly high that both you and the other driver will be injured.

Overview of Common Injuries From Miami Car Accidents

The type of injuries you might suffer in a Miami car accident can depend on several factors. Speed, angle, and seat belt use can all influence how your body is thrown around in a collision and what objects or surfaces you might hit.

Some common injuries from Miami car accidents include:


Whiplash happens when your neck hyperextends in a collision. It most often occurs in rear-end or head-on collisions.

In these crashes, the weight of your head pulls on your neck as your head whips back and forth. This whipping motion stretches and tears your neck’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Liability for rear-end crashes usually lies with the driver of the tailing vehicle, while the driver on the wrong side of the street usually bears liability for head-on crashes.

Head and Facial Injuries

Head and facial injuries often happen when your head strikes something inside your car during an accident. They’re most likely to occur in side-impact or angle collisions at intersections. Seat belts weren’t designed to prevent your body from moving sideways. As a result, you can hit your head and face on the side window or doorpost.

These accidents often result when drivers violate traffic laws by:

In many cases, injuries to the head and face may cause bleeding, bruises, and broken bones. Occasionally, these injuries will cause temporary or permanent disfigurement.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries occur when your brain is jostled inside your head. If the brain hits the interior surface of your skull, you could develop a brain contusion. This injury can cause permanent brain damage, coma, or even death.

A concussion is a mild type of brain injury. Concussions usually heal within a couple of months, but during your recovery, you might experience headaches, confusion, and memory loss.

Seat Belt Injuries

Seat belt injuries happen when you’re driven forcefully into your seat belt during a collision. These injuries often leave painful bruises and could result in broken ribs or compression fractures.

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