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Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered serious injuries in a truck accident in Miami, FL? If your accident was caused by someone else, you might be entitled to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call (305) 937-0191 to discuss your case with a Miami truck accident lawyer at Shaked Law Firm.

Our legal team has represented truck accident victims and their families in Miami-Dade County since 2007. 

Contact our law office to schedule your free consultation with a Miami truck accident lawyer to see how we can help you.

How Shaked Law Firm Can Help After a Truck Accident in Miami, FL

How Shaked Law Firm Can Help After a Truck Accident in Miami, FL

Commercial vehicle accidents often cause serious injuries — usually for the occupants of a passenger vehicle. If you are injured, you need compensation as soon as possible to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. However, the trucking company and their insurance company are not on your side. They will challenge your claim by blaming you and minimizing the severity of your injuries. 

You need our experienced Miami personal injury attorneys to level the playing field and fight for your best interests.

Shaked Law Firm was founded in 2007 by Sagi Shaked Esq. to protect the rights of injury victims in Miami, Florida. Attorney Shaked has been recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and was one of the youngest lawyers in the U.S. to achieve a multi-million-dollar verdict. He and the legal team at Shaked Law Firm have recovered millions of dollars for injury victims in South Florida.

Here is how we can help you after your truck crash:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into your crash to gather evidence and identify liable parties
  • Work with top specialists and experts to strengthen your case
  • Fight back against the insurance company’s attempts to blame you
  • Calculate all the damages you suffered
  • Negotiate to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • Seek maximum damages from a jury if negotiations are unsuccessful 

You pay nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Contact us today in Miami, Florida, to schedule your free case review with a Miami truck accident attorney.

How Common Are Truck Accidents in Miami?

How Common Are Truck Accidents in Miami?

Tractor-trailers, 18 wheelers, and large commercial trucks represent only 4% of the vehicles on Florida roads. However, they are responsible for 14% of fatal motor vehicle accidents nationwide. 

Truck drivers are well protected in a crash. After all, they are driving the largest vehicles on the road. However, occupants in smaller vehicles do not fare as well in large truck accidents — they account for 96% of all fatalities in such accidents.

There were almost 44,000 commercial truck accidents in Florida in 2019, which accounted for 10% of the state’s traffic fatalities. In 2018, there were 321 truck crash fatalities in Florida. Florida has the third-highest number of truck accident deaths after Texas (664) and California (352).

What is My Miami Truck Accident Case Worth?

We must investigate your truck accident to evaluate its worth. Otherwise, we’d be engaging in guesswork.

The following factors will have the most significant influence on your claim: 

  • The extent of your medical costs and lost wages
  • The emotional and psychological losses you’ve suffered
  • Whether you contributed to the crash 
  • The strength of your negligence case
  • Available insurance coverages
  • And more

Calculating your financial losses can be challenging if you suffer serious or catastrophic injuries. We must consider your future medical needs and reduced earning capacity, each of which may require expert testimony.

Contact the Miami truck accident attorneys at Shaked Law Firm today for a free consultation to discuss your case. We will help you understand what your injury case may be worth.

What Compensation is Available to Truck Accident Victims in Florida?

After a serious accident, you may be left with significant medical expenses and lost wages. Likewise, you may have suffered extensive personal losses. Fortunately, you are entitled to seek compensation for these economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault party.

Damages that may be available in your case include:

  • Property damage
  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical expenses related to your accident
  • Lost wages
  • Lost or reduced earning capacity, benefits of employment, and disability
  • Other financial losses, such as pain, suffering, distress, anguish, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life 

Rare truck accident cases may be eligible for punitive damages. These damages punish a defendant for gross negligence or wanton disregard for human life.

Am I Still Entitled to Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Truck Accident in Miami, Florida?

Am I Still Entitled to Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Truck Accident in Miami, Florida?

Many truck accidents in Miami involve multiple blameworthy parties. Florida uses a pure comparative negligence rule to assign liability between parties who share fault for an accident. Under this doctrine, you are entitled to recover compensation for your damages even if you were partially at fault for your injuries. However, your recovery will be reduced according to the share of fault.

While this is a generous comparative fault rule, it can minimize the amount of damages you take home. The insurance company may use this rule to shift blame to you to limit their payout. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced Miami truck accident attorney if you are being blamed for a truck accident.

We Will Fight to Recover Compensation for All Your Truck Accident Injuries

At Shaked Law Firm, we understand the severity of most truck accidents. A collision with a large commercial vehicle can cause devastating injuries — even at low speeds. 

We will help you pursue compensation for all the injuries you’ve sustained, including:

  • Traumatic amputation
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Seat belt injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries 

Do not let the insurance company minimize the severity of the harm you have suffered. Let us show the true impact of your injuries on your life.

What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Miami, Florida?

According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, negligence and human error cause about 87% of truck accidents. Defective vehicle parts or the environment causes the remaining 13% of truck crashes. 

Some of the most common causes of Miami truck crashes include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Improper lane use or lane change
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Unfamiliarity with the roadway 

Truck drivers may be more prone to driving fatigued than other drivers as they must meet strict delivery deadlines. They may even violate hours-of-service regulations. Driving tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving. The large blind spots, longer stopping distance, and wide turn radius of a commercial truck can also make accidents more likely.

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Truck Accident in Florida?

To recover compensation after your truck accident, you must prove the truck driver or the trucking company was negligent. 

Negligence requires proof that: 

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • They breached this duty
  • The breach caused your accident
  • You suffered damages

Multiple parties may be liable for a truck accident, including a truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, cargo loading company, truck maintenance business, or other drivers.

Your Miami truck accident attorney will gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. They may utilize:

  • Inspection and maintenance logs for the truck
  • The truck driver’s logs
  • Data from the truck’s black box
  • Results of an NTSB investigation
  • Police accident report
  • Internal hiring and training practices of the trucking company

At Shaked Law Firm, we work with top experts in accident reconstruction to help us interpret evidence. Their expert testimony can be invaluable at proving causation and negligence.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Truck Accident in Miami?

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit After a Truck Accident in Miami?

Pursuant to Florida’s statute of limitations, you only have four years to file an injury lawsuit after a truck accident. You have only two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In some cases, you may have even less time to file a lawsuit.

It’s vital to be proactive to protect your case. Delays can weaken your case. Contact Shaked Law Firm as soon as possible to begin building your case.

Contact a Miami Truck Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Have you been seriously hurt in a commercial truck accident? Don’t let an uncaring insurance company get out of paying you the fair compensation you deserve.

Shaked Law Firm is committed to fighting for your rights and pursuing compensation for your financial security and quality of life. Contact our law office for a free case review with a Miami truck accident lawyer ready to help you.

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer Review

Miami Truck Accident Lawyer Review

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