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Double Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Sagi Shaked Esq has years of complex CRPS case experience.

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Shaked Law Firm is the most experienced Personal Injury law firm in Florida. Board Certified civil trial lawyers backed by equally seasoned professionals mean our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation.

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Shaked Law Firm has recovered multi-millions of dollars in the area of Personal Injury cases for our clients. With credibility and integrity we have successfully tried even the most complex areas of the law including but not limited to wrongful death and trucking accidents.

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With 100+ years of combined expertise, the Shaked Law Firm's Law Resource blog offers the most informational law articles and videos daily. We offer real facts insurance companies don’t want accident victims to know and other law insider secrets!

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Sagi Shaked has recovered millions of dollars in damages for his clients who’ve been injured by the fault of another. Now, for the first time, Mr. Shaked is offering his extensive legal expertise online as digital downloads, completely free of charge.



$12.2m Verdict for Brothers Whose Mom Died in Head-On Collision

After a 4 day trial in Orlando, Florida, the Shaked Law Firm obtained a $12,240,000.00 verdict on behalf of a family that lost their mother as a result of a tragic head-on automobile collision. The trial team consisted of: Sagi Shaked, Joel Roth, Manny Lorenzana and Iury Carvalho.





The Shaked Law Firm settled a medical malpractice case against a hospital. The facts surrounding the negligent medical care and names of parties cannot be discussed because of a confidentiality agreement. The malpractice in this case was one of the worst care and treatment a patient could have received. The Shaked Law Firm’s reputation as aggressive lawyers willing to go the distance with any insurance company and corporation played an important role in the settlement of this hotly contested case.



The Shaked Law Firm has reached a settlement in a tragic medical malpractice case that resulted in the untimely death of a healthy 28 year old mother of three.

After litigating the case for nearly three years, the Shaked Law Firm’s litigation team settled a portion of the case for $1,900,000.


3 months ago

Shaked law firm met all of my expectations as a client and it was an overall gratifying experience.


- Steve Reddhead on Facebook

8 months ago

This law firm know exactly what they doing. From A to Z if you hired them you are covered.
Great service and very professional.


- Boaz Edri on Facebook

11 months ago

Shaked law firm assisted us with a case against our homeowner's insurance. They advocated and guided us every step of the way. We highly recommend Shaked law firm to anyone who is looking for passionate, caring, highly qualified attorneys to represent them.


- Jacqueline M. on BirdEye

a year ago

My experience was remarkable and this website had exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you.


- Klay on BirdEye

a year ago

The Shaked Law firm represented me in a injury case. They always returned my calls and were very professional and got me a lot more money than I ever expected. I highly recommend Sagi Shaked and the Shaked Law firm.


- Oded Yahav on Facebook

a year ago

Someone is always available to answer any questions.
The team staff is always friendly and mindful of my pain and injury.
I'm thankful for the Shake Law Firm.


- Nora B. on BirdEye


Recklessness and Negligence in Personal Injury Law – Part 1: Recklessness

By Shaked Law Firm | April 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

This writeup will delve into the four basic principles of liability and the basis for which a civil case involving recklessness becomes grounded in. The most important thing to understand are the four principles of liability. If these standards are not met, the case may be dismissed by the judge and the defendant may not be held liable for their actions.

Taxotere Was Intended to Save Lives of Cancer Patients, Instead it Caused Permanent Hair Loss and Mental Harm

By Shaked Law Firm | April 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

Taxotere was a drug created by pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis. The chemotherapy drug was created with the intention of treating breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, end stage stomach cancer, cancers of the head and neck as well as metastatic prostate cancer in adults. This drug was meant to provide hope to those who received otherwise terminal diagnoses. This drug also may have been a last resort for women and men who still had full lives left to live. Ultimately, it had the opposite effect.

Hours of Service: Trucking Carrier Fatigue Poses a Serious Public Safety Risk

By Shaked Law Firm | April 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

Trucking carrier fatigue and the accidents it can cause, pose a serious liability issue to both the truck driver and their employer. It’s also a serious public safety risk.

Wrongful Death: The Laws Surrounding Loss

By Shaked Law Firm | April 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

Wrongful death, a tragedy under any circumstances. No one wants to think about the loss of a loved one or having to spend the rest of their lives without someone close to them. When a person is in good health, enjoying a successful, fulfilling life only to pass away suddenly, the shock and upheaval for a family is immense.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Accident Law – Part 2

By Shaked Law Firm | April 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

The CDC estimates that 1.5 million people every year suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to accident, injury, birth defect, or other less common causes. The legal aspect of brain injury statistics proves difficult for new, or inexperienced lawyers. It takes an experienced accident lawyer to take on a TBI case, one that has years of trying TBI cases to verdict with a very high success rate.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Accident Law – Part 1

By Shaked Law Firm | April 8, 2019 | 0 Comments

When a Traumatic Brain Injury occurs and the case moves to the legal phase, after the victim is medically stable, a Personal Injury lawyer will be entrusted with protecting their rights. In fact, Personal Injury lawyers see their clients during the worst, and most fragile time in their lives (TBI injuries have long recovery periods that may overlap with the legal side of the accident).

Amputations Affect Quality of Life in Patients Who Lose Limbs After Accidents

By Shaked Law Firm | April 5, 2019

In Amputations Affect Quality of Life in Patients Who Lose Limbs After Accidents we’ll provide in-depth Personal Injury insight on what happens after a victim suffers an amputation due to a catastrophic accident.

Roundup is Linked to Cancer in Farmers, Janitors, Gardeners, and Groundskeepers: Here’s Why, and What’s Being Done

By Shaked Law Firm | April 4, 2019

Personal Injury lawyers with Class Action experience have seen a recent rise in clients who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer after prolonged use of Roundup weed killer.

Roundup’s Cancer Link Has Deadly Effects Extending Beyond Agricultural Work

By Shaked Law Firm | April 2, 2019

Class Action litigation initially brought against Monsanto by farming professionals has expanded to include those in the janitorial and landscaping professions, as well as gardening hobbyists.

After a Trucking Accident, the Trucking Company May Be Liable, and Here’s Why!

By Shaked Law Firm | March 29, 2019

After a trucking accident in which a victim sustains seriously bodily injury, the first thing that must be done once they’re stabilized, medically, is to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer. A Personal Injury lawyer with years of trucking accident experience will be able to determine if injuries sustained by a victim entitle them to recover damages.