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State and Federal Trucking Regulations

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State and Federal Trucking Regulations

The commercial trucking industry is vital to commerce in Miami, Florida and throughout the United States. Truck drivers transport billions of dollars in goods throughout the country each year. However, commercial trucks can be deadly on the road.

For that reason, the trucking industry is subject to state and federal laws and regulations. Many trucking regulations are designed to reduce the risk of truck accidents.

Our Miami truck accident lawyers at Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers understand the devastation caused by semi-truck accidents. Our personal injury law firm has represented injury victims since 2007 – and has recovered millions of dollars for them in the process. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, we understand how state and federal trucking regulations impact truck accident cases. 

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How Our Miami Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You With a Truck Accident Claim

How Our Miami Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With a Truck Accident Claim

Personal injury cases involving large trucks are complicated. Federal trucking laws can impact the case. Our lawyers carefully analyze trucking laws and the Code of Federal Regulations to determine how specific state and federal regulations can help us with your case. 

When you hire our award-winning legal team at Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers, you can expect us to:

  • Monitor the accident investigations by state and federal agencies while conducting an independent accident investigation
  • Work with accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine how the truck accident occurred and identify all parties who contributed to the cause of the truck crash
  • File insurance claims and monitor the status of the claims
  • Gather evidence proving causation, fault, and liability 
  • Work with you, your doctors, and medical experts to document the severity of your injuries
  • Fight to get you the maximum compensation for your damages through settlement negotiations or at trial

You deserve to be fairly compensated for the damages caused by a truck accident. Call now for a free case evaluation from an experienced Miami truck accident attorney

Florida State and Federal Trucking Regulations Promote Safety on the Road 

Trucks that carry goods between states are subject to federal regulations and laws. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes and enforces federal trucking regulations, including hours of service for truck drivers and size and weight restrictions for commercial trucks.

Florida has state trucking regulations for commercial vehicles that operate within the state. For example, Florida has specific weight and size restrictions for commercial vehicles, and also truck lane restrictions. It also has hours of service regulations for truck drivers that operate solely in intrastate commerce. Driver fatigue is a common factor in many commercial truck accidents. 

Trucking regulations govern other safety issues in addition to hours of service, weight, and size. 

There are state and federal regulations for:

  • Hauling hazardous materials
  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Distracted driving
  • Escort vehicles and convoys
  • Passing distance
  • Noise emissions
  • Truck driver qualification
  • Vehicle maintenance, repair, and inspection
  • Financial responsibility for commercial motor carriers

A large truck accident can result in traumatic injuries for accident victims. Nearly 75% of the injuries and deaths from truck accidents are passengers in other vehicles. A passenger vehicle is no match for an 80,000-pound commercial truck. 

Who is Responsible for Truck Accident Injuries and Damages?

Truck accident victims often sustain catastrophic injuries, including amputations, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and damage to internal organs. Medical bills, lost income, personal care, and other expenses can total millions of dollars for a permanent disability. 

Additionally, truck accident victims often experience overwhelming and debilitating pain and suffering. Therefore, they deserve compensation for their non-economic damages and the economic damages they incur. 

The parties responsible for a truck accident could include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Loaders and shippers
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Repair and maintenance facilities
  • Leasing companies 
  • Other motorists
  • Government entities 

The circumstances of the truck accident determine who is liable for damages. For example, a truck driver may cause a crash because he was speeding or ran a red light. Therefore, the truck driver is likely liable for damages caused by the crash.

However, the trucking company could also share liability for the accident because the driver is an employee. The trucking company could be negligent because it failed to maintain the truck, causing the brakes to fail. Or, the trucking company may not have checked the person’s driving record, which shows a history of traffic infractions.

Determining liability for a truck accident can be challenging. Many factors could impact liability. 

Our Miami truck accident lawyers are experienced injury attorneys. We understand personal injury law, trucking regulations, insurance laws, and other areas that impact a truck accident case. We use this knowledge and experience to build a case against the parties responsible for the crash.

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Our legal team has a thorough understanding of state and federal trucking regulations. We understand how to use these laws to help you recover fair compensation for a truck accident claim. 

Call now to schedule a free consultation with one of our truck accident attorneys in Miami, FL. Fighting the insurance company and trucking company alone can hurt your chance of recovering the money you deserve. We know how to deal with these companies and can help maximize your compensation, so call now.

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