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When To Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

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When To Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Some car accident victims in Miami, Florida, think that it’s not necessary to procure legal assistance after a crash. They figure it’s just a minor fender bender, and they weren’t hurt anyway. Then, they start to experience pain, and the insurance company gives them the run-around. 

While hiring a personal injury attorney does not guarantee a specific outcome in a case, it can provide you with great peace of mind knowing that a qualified legal representative is handling your claim. 

Here, Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers explains when to hire a lawyer after a car accident. We are here to help and provide a free, no-obligation case review to discuss your claim. Contact us today to get started at (305) 937-0191

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Auto Accident in Miami

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Auto Accident in Miami

A Miami car accident lawyer can help investigate the crash, gather evidence to prove fault, and negotiate for fair compensation on your behalf. You have the right to choose the personal injury of your choice. However, some of the reasons why we believe you should choose Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers is because we:

  • Have more than 100 years of combined experience
  • Have a long track record of success, with hundreds of millions of dollars recovered for our deserving clients
  • Have lawyers who are Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers, members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers

We can discuss more ways we can help with your claim when you call us for a free case review. Reach out to our law office in Miami, Florida, today to learn more.

Situations Where You May Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Miami, Florida

You have the right to hire a lawyer at any time during the personal injury claims process. However, some times when it may benefit you to hire a lawyer include:

You Suffered a Serious Injury

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. Drivers are required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. If they get in an accident, they turn to their own insurance carrier for coverage, regardless of fault. This can expedite the claims process and make it friendlier since people are primarily dealing with their own insurance companies. 

However, the potential compensation injury victims get from their own insurance provider is limited. For example, PIP coverage minimums only provide for $10,000 in benefits, including 80% of your medical expenses and 60% of your lost wages (according to Florida Statutes). If you suffer a serious injury, you can step out of the no-fault insurance system and seek compensation from the at-fault party for the full extent of your damages.

If you are eligible to file a claim against the at-fault driver, their insurance company will not want to pay you maximum compensation for the harm you suffered. They want to minimize the value of claims as much as possible and may employ a variety of tactics to avoid paying your fair share. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer is familiar with these tactics and can protect your interests. Your lawyer can gather evidence to establish the full extent of your damages and demand fair compensation on your behalf. 

You Are Being Blamed for the Accident 

The other driver or their insurance provider may try to blame you for an accident to avoid paying you fairly for the harm you’ve suffered. Or, they may try to reduce the compensation you receive by saying that your negligence contributed to the accident.

Florida’s modified comparative fault law allows you to pursue a personal injury claim if you were 50% or less at fault for it, but your compensation is reduced by your percentage of fault. If your share of responsibility exceeds 50%, you will not be able to receive compensation for your claim.

A personal injury lawyer can protect your right to compensation by investigating the accident and proving fault with evidence such as:

In some cases, personal injury lawyers may hire accident reconstruction experts who can use sophisticated technology to recreate the accident and determine how it occurred.

The Insurance Company Is Not Making a Fair Offer

Most car accident claims are resolved through a settlement. If you try to negotiate for a settlement on your own, you may find the insurance company is offering an amount far below the value of your claim. A lawyer can help negotiate fair compensation on your behalf. 

Personal injury lawyers regularly work on car accident claims and have a good idea about their value. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, a lawyer can take legal action to pursue the compensation you deserve. 

If you were injured in a car accident, turn to the Miami car accident lawyers from Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers for help. We can handle every aspect of your claim while you focus on your recovery. You deserve to be fairly compensated after being injured by no fault of your own.

We can discuss your legal rights, options for recovery, and when to hire a lawyer after a car accident when you contact us for a free case review

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Our law firm handles all types of car accident claims in Miami-Dade County involving:

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