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Miami, Florida

Rear-End Crashes

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Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end crashes are more than just frustrating. They can cause serious injuries and significant property damage. Therefore, if you are involved in a rear-end collision in Miami, Florida, it is essential that you understand your legal rights. 

The Miami car accident lawyers of the Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers assist clients in seeking compensation for their injuries caused by auto accidents. With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, we’re prepared to take on the largest insurance companies and win. Maximizing the amount you receive for your injury claim is our top priority.

Contact our Miami, FL law firm today at (305) 937-0191 to schedule a free consultation. Our legal team is here to answer your questions about rear-end accident claims. 

How Our Miami Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Rear-End Collision

How Our Miami Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Rear-End Collision

Since 2007, the Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers have fought for the rights of injured victims in Florida. We understand what is at stake, and we diligently pursue all legal remedies to get you the best possible settlement for your personal injury claim. 

When you hire our award-winning Miami car wreck attorneys to handle your case, you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly investigate the cause of your traffic accident and gather evidence proving fault and liability 
  • Work with you to document your damages 
  • File insurance claims and monitor the Florida statute of limitations for filing lawsuits
  • Handle all settlement negotiations 
  • Retain expert witnesses, as necessary
  • Pursue a claim through the court if the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement amount

Injury claims for vehicle accidents can be challenging to handle. Disputes regarding liability and fault can result in time-consuming battles with an insurance provider. However, our legal team is well-equipped to handle the most challenging cases.

If you sustained an injury in a traffic accident, reach out to our office online or by phone to schedule a free case evaluation. Our Miami legal team is here for you when you need trusted legal advice about a car accident claim.

How Common Are Rear-End Collisions? 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 6.75 million traffic accidents in the United States during 2019. These statistics show that, a third of the crashes (almost 2.2 million) were rear-ended accidents. 

Over half a million people were injured or killed in collisions involving rear-end impacts that year. Rear-end collisions occur when a vehicle strikes the car in front of it. As a result, the vehicle in front may be pushed into oncoming traffic, off the road, or into another vehicle. 

Injuries caused by rear-end crashes can be severe.

Examples of rear-end accident injuries include:

Most rear-end collisions can be avoided if drivers were paying attention to the road and traffic. While dangerous roads and road conditions could contribute to the cause of a rear-end accident, most crashes are caused by driver negligence.

What Causes Rear-End Accidents in Miami, FL?

The driver who causes a rear-end crash could be held financially liable for damages caused by the collision.

Examples of driver negligence that leads to rear-impact crashes include:

Drivers owe other motorists a duty of care to maintain a safe following distance to avoid accidents. Likewise, they have a duty of care to obey traffic laws and take reasonable steps to avoid an accident.

When a driver breaches the duty of care, the driver could be liable for damages. The types of damages paid to an accident victim depend on the factors of the case.

What Damages Could I Get In a Rear-End Accident Claim in Miami, Florida?

The types of damages you could receive for a rear-end accident in Miami include compensation for your:

Our legal team at the Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers fights to get you the maximum value for your damages. We may consult with medical experts, financial professionals, and other experts to value your future damages and permanent impairments. In addition, our legal team works closely with you to document your pain and suffering to increase the value of your non-economic damages.

Is the Rear Driver Always to Blame in Florida?

Not always. In some cases, the leading driver could be partially at fault for the cause of a rear-end accident.

Sometimes, both drivers may share the blame. Florida’s modified comparative fault law allows accident victims to recover compensation if they contributed to the cause of the accident and were 50% or less at fault. However, if a victim’s share of fault exceeds 50%, they’ll be barred from recovering compensation from another party.

If your portion of responsibility is 50% or less, your compensation is reduced by your percentage of fault. Contact our office immediately if the insurance company for the other driver tries to blame you for causing the rear-end crash. The insurance company may try to avoid paying the full value of your claim by alleging false claims of comparative fault. 

Get Help After a Rear-End Crash — Call a Miami, FL Car Wreck Lawyer

At Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to helping injured victims seek justice. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end crash, please get in touch with our law office to speak with an attorney. There is no fee for your initial consultation with a Miami car accident attorney.

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