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Miami, Florida

Hospital Malpractice

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Hospital Malpractice Lawyer in Miami, FL

Have you or a loved one been injured due to hospital malpractice in Miami, FL? Don’t fight the hospital or their insurance company on your own. Contact or call Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers at (305) 937-0191 and discover how our Miami hospital malpractice attorneys can help you get the money you deserve.

Since 2007, our top-rated attorneys have been dedicated advocates for injury victims and families in Florida. Putting more than a century of combined experience behind every client’s case, our law firm has helped clients win hundreds of millions of dollars in life-changing compensation.

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How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured Because of Hospital Malpractice in Miami

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Injured Because of Hospital Malpractice in Miami

When you’re sick or get hurt in an accident in Miami, hospitals can give you the opportunity to get the medical care you need. However, hospitals don’t always provide excellent care to all of their patients. When a patient is injured because of inadequate care, an administrative error, or another type of medical mistake, the hospital should be held accountable.

That’s where the Miami medical malpractice lawyers at Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

Hospitals in Miami tend to be powerful and well-funded. Filing a medical negligence claim against a hospital might be intimidating. Our law firm has the resources, experience, and reputation you’ll need to win your hospital malpractice case and get all of the money you deserve.

While you focus on recovering from your traumatic injuries, our acclaimed legal team will:

  • Investigate the hospital malpractice to determine why it happened and how it could have been avoided
  • Determine who, other than the hospital itself, can be held responsible for your damages
  • Gather evidence to establish that the hospital or one of its employees was negligent, and that your injuries are a direct and proximate consequence of that
  • Consult with reputable medical experts and specialists to ensure that we build the strongest possible claim on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the hospital and its insurance company to get you the best possible terms in a settlement agreement
  • Have an accomplished trial attorney bring your medical malpractice lawsuit to a jury in Miami-Dade County, if necessary

Our law office offers a free, no-obligation case evaluation and works on a contingency fee basis. There’s no cost to get our top-rated lawyers to represent you unless we win your medical malpractice case. Get in touch with us to learn more today.

What is Hospital Malpractice?

Hospital malpractice is a type of medical malpractice that refers to acts of medical negligence:

  • That take place on hospital premises, or
  • Are committed by employees of a hospital.

You may have a hospital malpractice case if you (or a loved one) get hurt because you received inadequate or subpar medical care while at HCA Florida Mercy Hospital, University of Miami Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, or another hospital in or near Miami, Florida.

Some common examples of hospital negligence include:

If you suspect that your injury or illness resulted from negligent care at a hospital in Miami, FL, don’t hesitate to contact Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers. Our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will carefully assess your situation, explain what legal options you may have, and help you move forward with a claim for damages.

Who Can Be Liable in a Hospital Malpractice Lawsuit in Florida?

When a doctor, nurse, or another healthcare provider fails to provide an appropriate standard of care, they can be liable if that causes a patient harm. 

When this negligent medical care is administered in a hospital setting, or if the healthcare provider is a hospital employee, the hospital can be on the hook for damages.

It’s important to note that, increasingly, many doctors are not actually employees of Miami area hospitals. Instead, they’re independent contractors. This can complicate matters regarding liability for their acts of medical negligence. Typically, hospitals aren’t legally responsible for negligence committed by non-employees. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Courts across the country have held that hospitals can, in fact, be liable for negligence committed by non-employees in certain situations. 

This is most often true in the context of care provided in the emergency room

Alternatively, courts will consider whether a patient had a pre-existing relationship with a physician outside of the hospital setting or whether a patient visited the hospital for care.

In cases of a doctor-patient relationship independent of the hospital, the hospital may escape liability. However, if a patient seeks care directly from the hospital without regard to or consideration of a physician’s employment status, the hospital may be liable.

These are complicated situations and are often hotly contested by hospitals and insurance companies. Trust that our experienced Miami personal injury lawyers will handle these challenges and work to ensure that you’re fully compensated for your suffering.

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Have you been injured or lost a family member because of hospital negligence in Miami, FL? Contact Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers for help getting the compensation you deserve. Our Miami hospital malpractice lawyers have more than a century of combined experience, and we’ve helped our clients win hundreds of millions in life-changing damages.

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