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Emergency Room Errors

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Emergency Room Errors

An emergency room can be a chaotic environment. Emergency room staff may need to make life and death decisions in a matter of seconds. However, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals must provide the proper standards of care for patients in the ER.

The Miami medical malpractice attorneys of Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience with injury claims related to medical mistakes made in hospital emergency rooms. Our lawyers have been assisting clients in Miami, Florida, since 2007. 

If you have been injured due to emergency room errors, contact our law office in Miami, FL. You may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries, expenses, and other damages. Call (305) 937-0191 for your free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

How Our Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help With Your Emergency Room Error Case

How Our Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help With Your Emergency Room Error Case?

You could file a medical malpractice claim without an attorney. However, these types of injury cases are incredibly complicated. You are going up against the hospital, physicians, large corporations, and insurance providers. None of these parties want to be responsible for your injuries and damages.

It can be tough to win a medical malpractice case without assistance from a medical malpractice lawyer. At Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers, our Miami medical malpractice attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in jury verdicts and settlements. 

When you hire our law firm to handle your anesthesia error claim, you can expect us to:

Our lawyers are seasoned trial attorneys. They do not shy away from a fight, regardless of who is on the other side. You can trust that we will pursue all legal avenues for compensation. Please contact our office to schedule your free case review with one of our Miami anesthesia error lawyers. We want to help you get the money you deserve.

What are Common Causes of Emergency Room Errors?

Millions of people are treated in emergency rooms each year. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 130 million people receive medical treatment in emergency departments each year. One report found that about four of every 100,000 emergency room visits result in allegations of medical malpractices. 

About 47 percent of the allegations involve a failure to diagnose. In 41 percent of the cases, the allegations involved inadequate assessments that resulted in premature discharge from the hospital. Roughly 39 percent of the cases alleged a misdiagnosis because of the failure to order a test or imaging. 

Common emergency room errors in Miami-Dade County continue to include:

  • Failure to read or read correctly test results
  • Diagnostic errors that result in misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Administering the wrong medication and other medication errors
  • Failure to note the patient’s symptoms
  • Failing to obtain a complete medical history
  • Delayed treatment
  • Failure to monitor a patient
  • Releasing patients to reduce the number of patients and wait times
  • Failing to obtain informed consent
  • Lack of training and/or proper safety protocols
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist or consult a specialist timely

Other emergency room errors include using defective equipment or equipment that has not been maintained properly. In some cases, lack of communication may be a factor. Lack of rest or the use of alcohol or drugs can also contribute to emergency room errors.

Emergency Room Errors Can Cause Severe Injuries

Most people who come to the emergency room need immediate medical treatment. They may have a life-threatening condition that could result in death if not treated quickly. However, some emergency room errors make their condition worse.

Injuries caused by errors in the emergency room can include:

An error in the ER doesn’t always result in permanent impairment or disability. In some cases, a patient may not know they are a victim of an ER error. 

Who is Responsible for Damages Caused by Emergency Room Errors?

In many cases, you can hold the hospital liable for your injuries and damages after an emergency room error. However, other parties might share the liability, including physicians, diagnostic labs, and other health care providers.

Our Miami emergency room error attorneys will investigate your claim to identify all parties responsible for your damages. In addition, we will carefully document your damages to maximize the value of your claim.

Damages in a medical malpractice case generally include:

Families who lose a loved one because of mistakes made in an emergency room may be entitled to compensation under Florida’s wrongful death statutes. However, you only have a limited amount of time to take action after your injury. Most medical malpractice and wrongful death claims are subject to a two-year statute of limitations.

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