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Miami, Florida

Aventura Car Accident Statistics

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Aventura Car Accident Statistics

Miami-Dade County has more car accidents than any other Florida county. Even after adjusting for population, Miami-Dade is one of the most dangerous counties for commuters in the entire country.

But these crashes do not occur uniformly across the county. Only about 6% of the county’s traffic crashes happen in Aventura, FL. And in this small town, most traffic accidents happen on only two roads.

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How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Aventura, FL

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Aventura, FL

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How Many Traffic Accidents Happen in Aventura, Florida?

Miami-Dade County, home to Aventura, had 63,506 traffic accidents in 2022. 

These accidents included:

In total, these accidents killed or injured over 29,000 people.

Aventura only has a population of 39,237, roughly 1.5% of the people in Miami-Dade County. But according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, the city had 1,760 traffic accident victims, or roughly 6.1% of the county’s traffic injuries and fatalities. This means Aventura had over four times more crash casualties than it should have had based on its share of the county’s population.

On the other hand, most Aventura traffic accidents in 2022 were relatively minor. These crashes caused zero fatalities and only 17 incapacitating injuries. 

How, When, and Where Car Accidents Happen in Aventura

Traffic planners and law enforcement agencies use Aventura car accident statistics to determine how to improve road safety by:

  • Redesigning dangerous roads and intersections
  • Focusing traffic enforcement on certain behaviors
  • Providing alternate routes for cyclists and pedestrians around crash hotspots

Drivers also use crash statistics to plan routes. According to the Urban Mobility Report, commuters in the Miami metropolitan area waste 27 hours per year waiting in traffic. Bear in mind this time is not the average commute. It is the time every Miami commuter spends stuck in traffic due to traffic jams and car accidents.

Dangerous Times to Drive

Most serious car crashes happen on weekdays, according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard. In 2022, only about 6% of serious traffic crashes happened on weekends, while the remaining 94% happened on weekdays.

More specifically, Mondays and Fridays were very dangerous. Each of these days accounted for over 29% of serious crashes in Aventura, even though each day only accounts for 14% of a week. Thus, Aventura had over twice as many serious crashes as they should have on Mondays and Fridays.

Unlike many cities, Aventura’s most dangerous commute was during the morning rather than the afternoon. In 2022, 47% of serious accidents happened during the morning commute, while only 12% happened during the afternoon commute. The rest were scattered throughout the day.

Crash Causes

Aventura’s car accidents also stand out because of their causes. In most communities, crashes tend to cluster at intersections. But according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, Aventura had zero serious crashes at intersections in 2022. Instead, crashes tended to happen on highways and roads between intersections.

Non-intersection accidents tend to happen due to the following:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Unsafe lane changes

The accidents resulting from these causes tend to involve rear-end or sideswipe collisions. They can lead to serious injuries like whiplash and concussions but rarely cause fatal injuries.

The liability for roadway collisions usually falls on the driver who approached the other vehicle too closely. For example, in a rear-end crash, the liability usually falls on the rear driver for failing to leave enough following distance.

Roads and Intersections to Avoid in Aventura

According to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, Aventura car accidents cluster in four hotspots. The first is on US-1 between the northern county line and NE 203rd St. The second falls on US-1 at the three entrances to the Aventura Mall. The third happens just south of the intersection between US-1 and FL-856/William Lehman Causeway.

The final hotspot is the only one that does not fall on US-1. It is on FL-856/William Lehman Causeway just east of Country Club Dr.

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