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Florida Car Accident Lawyer 

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Florida Car Accident Lawyer 

Were you injured in a car accident in Florida? If so, you might be confused about your legal rights, given Florida’s no-fault insurance system. An experienced Florida car accident lawyer from Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers can sit down with you to discuss your legal options. 

Since 2007, our dedicated Florida car accident attorneys have helped Florida residents and visitors secure meaningful compensation after they were injured due to others’ negligence. Our firm includes Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers, members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Expertise Best Car Accident Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers. 

Our dedicated legal representation has yielded hundreds of millions of dollars for our deserving clients. Contact us today at (305) 937-0191 for a free consultation to learn more about what it’s like to work with an award-winning legal team. 

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Florida 

How Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Florida 

Car accident claims in Florida can be complicated. Insurance companies want to minimize your financial recovery and limit their liability. An experienced Florida car accident lawyer can advocate for you while you focus on your recovery. 

Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers has over 100 years of combined experience. 

We can build your personal injury claim by:

  • Working closely with you to determine how the accident happened and how it affects your life
  • Investigating the case to determine who is at fault and legally responsible for your damages
  • Gathering evidence to establish fault and damages
  • Demanding fair compensation from insurance companies and negligent parties
  • Managing your insurance claims, communication with insurance companies, and case deadlines
  • Negotiating for maximum compensation or taking your case to trial if your demands are not met

Consult with a Florida car accident attorney to get started on your car accident claim.

Florida Car Accident Statistics 

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 397,620 motor vehicle crashes were reported in Florida in 2022. Every day, 1,089 car accidents occurred throughout the Sunshine State. These accidents resulted in 3,553 deaths and 12,747 incapacitating injuries. 

What Is the Most Common Cause of Car Accidents In Florida? 

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in Florida, responsible for 104,336 crashes in 2022. 6,078 of these crashes were due to electronic communication devices, including cell phones. The remainder were due to other electronic devices, driver inattention, distractions inside the vehicle, distractions outside the vehicle, and texting. 

Other insights from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles about the causes of car accidents in Florida include:

  • Speeding – 10,899 crashes involved speeding drivers in 2022.
  • Alcohol impairment – Florida confirmed 5,262 crashes in 2022 involved alcohol impairment. 
  • Inexperienced drivers – 45,495 traffic accidents in 2022 involved 15-19 year-old drivers.
  • Hit and run – 107,844 crashes in 2022 were hit and run accidents. 

If you were injured in an accident, a car accident attorney from our personal injury law firm can discuss your case during a confidential consultation.  

Types of Florida Car Accident Cases Our Law Firm Handles

Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers has experience with all types of car accident claims, including: 

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Side-impact crashes
  • Intersection collisions
  • Rollover crashes
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Uber and Lyft accidents
  • Teen driver accidents
  • Drunk driving crashes
  • Drowsy driving accidents
  • Fatal car accidents 
  • Hit and run crashes
  • Uninsured driver accidents
  • Reckless driving accidents
  • Speeding accidents

No car accident claim is too complex for our legal team to handle. 

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection System 

Florida is a no-fault state for car accidents. After an accident, car accident victims turn first to their own insurance for coverage, regardless of fault. 

Florida law requires all motorists to maintain Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage of at least $10,000. This coverage pays for up to 80% of reasonable and necessary medical expenses and 60% of lost income stemming from a car accident, up to policy limits. The limit of your PIP coverage is found in your policy details. 

While this insurance can be helpful for minor injuries and can prevent less serious cases from clogging the court system, the coverage is often insufficient when the victim has suffered serious injuries. In these cases, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Our car accident lawyers can help you file a Florida car accident claim to seek compensation for the full extent of your injuries. 

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Partially At Fault for the Collision? 

Florida is a modified comparative negligence state. If you are less than 51% at fault, you can still recover compensation. However, the amount you recover is reduced in proportion to your share of the fault. 

What Is My Car Accident Case Worth? 

The value of your car accident case will likely depend on the following: 

  • The severity of your injuries 
  • The medical treatment you require 
  • Time missed from work 
  • Vehicle repair estimates 
  • Whether you’re able to return to work 
  • How your life has been affected by the collision 

Contact an experienced car accident attorney for a free case evaluation and learn what compensation may be available in your case. 

How Can I Prove Fault In a Florida Car Accident Case?

If you are moving outside the PIP system, you will need to show that the other driver has violated their duty of care to drive safely and follow traffic laws. 

This may be possible through evidence such as:

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Video footage from dash cams, traffic cameras, or surveillance cameras
  • The site and severity of damage to all involved vehicles 
  • Witness statements 

Other evidence may help establish fault, such as cell phone records or toxicology reports that an experienced personal injury lawyer can gather on your behalf. In some cases, we may hire accident reconstruction experts to help explain how the accident happened. 

What Compensation Can I Recover In a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Through a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to recover the following damages from the at-fault parties:

  • Ambulance rides and emergency medical treatment
  • Medical bills, including costs for doctor visits, physical therapy, and medication
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • The cost to repair or replace your damaged vehicle
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life 

Our team can obtain estimates, invoices, bills, medical records, and other documentation to establish the full extent of your damages. Our goal is to obtain meaningful compensation to help you rebuild your life after someone else’s negligence derailed it. 

Deadline To File a Personal Injury Lawsuit In Florida 

Florida has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. This means that car accident victims generally have two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. If this deadline passes and they have not taken legal action, they can lose their right to seek compensation through the courts. 

What To Do After a Car Accident In Florida 

It’s vital you protect your legal rights after a car accident. Take these steps after an accident:

Get To a Safe Place 

Move your vehicle to a safe place out of traffic. Activate your hazard lights and, if you have them, place traffic flares or cones around your vehicle.

Check for Injuries 

Check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Check on the driver and occupants in the other vehicle, too. If anyone is injured, call an ambulance for help.

Call the Police 

Florida law requires you to report any crash that involves injury, death, or property damage to the police. A law enforcement officer can respond to the accident scene and prepare a report. You will need the accident report when you file a claim later. 

Exchange Information 

Ask the other driver for the following information:

  • Their name
  • Their address and phone number
  • A description of their vehicle
  • Their vehicle registration number and license plate number
  • Their insurance information 
  • Their driver’s license number

Provide the same information to them.

Document the Accident Scene 

Use your phone to take pictures of the following:

  • Close-ups and wide shots of the accident scene
  • Damage to all vehicles involved in the accident
  • Skid marks
  • Debris in the roadway
  • Your injuries

Provide these pictures to your personal injury lawyer. 

Seek Medical Attention

Emergency responders may have transported you by ambulance to an emergency room after an accident. If so, follow your provider’s instructions. You may have been advised to follow up with your primary care physician. 

You must seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident for your PIP insurance to cover the expenses. 

Inform the Insurance Company 

Your auto insurance policy will state when you must inform your insurance company of the accident. Informing your insurance company of the accident can also start the process of recovering compensation through your PIP claim. However, your lawyer can handle your insurance claim for you.

Speak With an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Filing a personal injury claim can be complicated. You want to avoid making any mistakes that could harm your case and prevent you from recovering fair compensation. Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers offers a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal rights. Call us today to get started. 

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Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers helps Florida car accident victims seek financial recovery after they are harmed due to others’ negligence. If you were injured in an accident, our Florida car accident lawyers can discuss your case, investigate its cause, and advise you of your legal options. Call us today for a free case review.