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What Happens When You Are At Fault for a Miami Car Accident?

What Happens When You Are At Fault for a Miami Car Accident?

Car accidents are always stressful. Even the most minor collisions can leave you feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

This is especially true if you think the car accident was your fault. Perhaps you were glancing at your cell phone. Maybe you were speeding or just failed to follow traffic signage.

No matter what the reason, causing a collision can leave you feeling guilty and anxious. Fortunately, with help from a car accident attorney you may still have legal options if you are at fault for a car accident.

Below, we will discuss some of the most important issues related to Miami car accidents.

What Should You Do if You Believe You Caused an Accident?

If you believe that you are at fault for a car crash, you may not know what to do. In the moments after the collision, it is important to stay as calm as possible. 

There are certain actions that you should perform and several things you should avoid. Taking the right steps after a crash can help to protect your rights.

Remain at the Scene

No matter who caused an accident, you should never leave the scene before the police arrive. If you believe that you are at fault for the accident, this becomes even more important.

Leaving the scene could result in serious consequences, including a hit-and-run charge. If you flee, you might face arrest and further negative outcomes.

You may also be required to provide aid to anyone in need. At the very least, you should call 911 if anyone is injured. 

Do not attempt to move someone who has been seriously hurt. Instead, wait for medical professionals to arrive. 

Contact the Police

It is vital to contact the police after a car accident. 

Under Florida state law, you must report accidents that meet the following criteria:

  • The collision resulted in an injured driver, passenger, or bystander
  • The crash resulted in a death
  • The accident resulted in at least $500 of property damage

It is always best to contact the police after a motor vehicle collision. If the other driver contests your version of events, a police accident report may be useful.

What Not to Do

It is also vital to avoid certain actions if you think that you caused a collision. While you are waiting on a traffic officer to arrive, do your best to keep to yourself.

Be polite and exchange information with the other driver. However, do not say anything that would suggest that you are responsible for the crash.

In some instances, the other motorist may become agitated or angry. Do not apologize or imply that you are at fault. This can be difficult, especially if the other driver is upset.

Under no circumstances should you:

  • Discuss the circumstances that led to the collision
  • Talk about who caused the crash
  • Apologize for your part in the accident
  • Ask if the other driver made a mistake while driving

Admitting fault to the other driver or the police will hurt your chances of a positive outcome in your case. You should never lie, but you should withhold your own judgment regarding the cause of the collision.

Although you may believe that you are responsible, you might be wrong. If you did not cause the accident, you should not take the blame.

Contact Our Car Accident Law Firm in Miami, FL

A skilled car accident attorney in Miami, FL can help to ensure the best possible outcome in your collision case. Because Florida is a “pure comparative fault” state, you may be able to pursue financial recovery even if you bear some of the responsibility for the crash. 

If you believe that you caused a collision in Miami, stay calm and follow the steps above.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Miami, FL and need legal help, contact our Miami car accident lawyers at Shaked Law Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation.

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