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Facts About Road Rash You Need to Know

If the term “road rash” sounds unpleasant, that’s because it is. As one of the more common injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims, road rash may leave a person with swelling, bleeding, and even nerve cell damage. 

Fortunately, most cases of road rash are considered minor. But sufferers can experience more extreme injuries as well. Some road rash is so severe that the wound exposes the muscles or bones. 

Naturally, you’ll want to avoid both minor and major cases of road rash the next time you jump on your bike. What is road rash, and how do you protect yourself against it? Keep reading to learn more. 

Thousands of People Experience Road Rash Each Year

Road rash is common amongst motorcycle accident victims. But the injury can also affect scooter riders, bicycle riders, and passengers of traditional vehicles. 

According to the National Trauma Data Bank, more than 20,000 road rash injuries were reported in 2013 alone. Needless to say, it’s a common enough injury that every rider should be made aware of.

Road Rash Is Often Accompanied by Other Injuries

Any accident on the road can be devastating. But the stakes are even higher when you have an accident while riding a motorcycle, bike, or scooter. 

For riders, road rash is often accompanied by other injuries, which may include:

While you can’t always avoid an accident, there are things you can do to protect yourself should the worst occur. Most importantly, you should never take to the roads without a full armor of protective gear

The following items will help you minimize any potential injuries:

  • Boots
  • Long pants
  • A leather jacket
  • A DOT-approved helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves

And because Miami sees above-average rainfall (more than double the national average), it’s also smart to carry rain gear whenever you travel. These items should be brightly colored to help drivers see you in low-visibility weather conditions. 

Road Rash Often Leaves Permanent Scars

Unfortunately, severe cases of road rash can lead to permanent scarring. That’s why it is so important for riders to wear the protective gear mentioned above. You can also reduce your risk of scarring by seeking medical attention immediately after your accident.

If the injury is minor, you can treat it at home with antibiotic ointment and a bandage. But if the pain worsens or you notice any signs of infection, visit your local emergency room. 

Of course, the best way to avoid scarring is to avoid motorcycle accidents in the first place. You can decrease your risk of an accident by obeying the posted speed limits, driving defensively, and performing regular maintenance on your bike. 

Road Rash Severity Is Categorized by Degree

Just as burns are categorized as first-, second-, or third-degree, so is every road rash injury. First-degree road rash is the most minor and will usually heal within a few weeks. 

Second-degree is slightly more severe and may require the attention of a doctor. 

Third-degree road rash is the most devastating category, leaving victims with significant pain and damage.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for a Road Rash Injury

As with any injury resulting from a motorcycle accident, you may deserve compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. 

First, you’ll need to determine who was at fault for the accident that caused your injury. Next, you will need to compile evidence that supports your case.

This process is made easier with the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. With legal support, you can better evaluate the case and your next best steps. 

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