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Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What it Means and How it Can Affect Your Case

The attorney-client privilege is a well-respected privilege that has been around for a long time. Attorneys need to be able to serve their clients, and for individuals to obtain sound legal advice and representation. The attorney-client privilege prevents a lawyer from being compelled to testify against their client. It is related to the duty...

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What Exactly Can a Process Server Do To Serve Papers?

When another person causes you to be injured or harmed, you can sue that person for damages. Most personal injury claims settle outside of court. The injured party negotiates a settlement instead of filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, the parties might be unable to settle a personal injury claim. For example, the at-fault...

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Why Do Lawyers Turn Down Cases? Hint: It’s Not Personal!

A great deal of lawyers will offer potential clients a free case evaluation or free consultation to get a better picture of the legal issue at hand. An initial consultation, it should be noted, doesn’t qualify an attorney-client relationship. In fact, there are instances where a lawyer will offer his or her time free...

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What Your Lawyer is Doing When They’re Not Calling You Back

Upon retaining counsel, some Personal Injury lawyers will provide a client with their personal cell phone number in case of a legal emergency. This is not a standard practice and clients shouldn’t come to expect this gesture. Legal emergencies happen–especially in more complex or lengthier cases–and a quick text to an attorney before making...

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