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What Is the Legal Driving Age in Florida?

What Is the Legal Driving Age in Florida?

If you’re the parent of a teen, there’s a good chance your child has started asking questions about when they can learn to drive. While some parents might be tempted to start giving driving lessons in the driveway or around the neighborhood, it’s important to know and follow Florida’s laws and age requirements for driving. 

If a teenager breaks Florida’s underage driving laws, the consequences can follow them for years to come. Knowing what the law has to say about driving at different ages helps set your teen up for success as a new driver. 

When Can Florida Teens Drive With a Permit?

The youngest age at which a Florida teenager can legally drive is 15. If your teen is 15 or older, they can obtain a Florida instructional permit. To be eligible, they must first complete Florida’s Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE). Parents have a variety of options online for where their teen can take the TLSAE

Once the course is completed, they must also pass a vision test and the Class E Knowledge Exam, known informally as the “written driver’s test.” Once a teen meets these criteria, they can go to their local DMV and apply for an instructional permit. With a permit, a teen can only drive when there’s a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the car. 

Teens can take the TLSAE as early as age 14. Parents who wish to get their teen driving earlier often enroll them in this course at 14 so they can apply for their permit on or after their 15th birthday. They’ll also need to bring along a signed parental consent form and identification.

The legal minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license in Florida is 16. However, that doesn’t mean that every teen is eligible to apply for a license after their 16th birthday. 

Other than being at least 16, the requirements for obtaining a Florida driver’s license as an underage driver include: 

  • Have held a permit for at least one year
  • Have completed 50 hours of supervised driving, with at least 10 hours at night
  • Passed the Class E Driving Skills test, also referred to as the road test
  • Passed a vehicle inspection

Teens should log their driving hours as they practice driving with a permit. In addition to these requirements, a Florida teen must hold their permit for at least a year with no convictions for moving violations. A teen can also apply for a driver’s license on or after their 18th birthday, even if they haven’t held a permit for a year. 

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe in Florida

Once a Florida teenager has their permit or license, they must know and obey all driving restrictions. For example, for the first three months with a permit, teens can drive during daylight hours only.  

Florida takes teen driving restrictions very seriously. Teenagers face serious consequences for driving before they have a permit, without a licensed driver while they have their permit, or outside of the allowed driving hours once they have a license.

If a teen ends up in a car accident, it can have a serious impact on factors like when they can drive without restrictions and what the cost of their auto insurance will be. Parents can help keep teen drivers safe by making sure they know and obey both Florida’s driving laws and all underage driving restrictions. 

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