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Motorcycle Parking Laws in Florida

Motorcycle Parking Laws in Florida

One of the biggest advantages of owning a motorcycle is that it doesn’t take up much space. Thanks to their small profile, you can easily store multiple motorcycles in a single garage or park in a standard parking space with plenty of room to spare.

However, just because your motorcycle can fit nearly anywhere doesn’t mean you can legally park anywhere you want. Florida has relatively strict motorcycle laws that limit where you can park.

Before You Can Park, You Must Be Able to Ride

If you want to ride a motorcycle in Florida, you need more than a basic driver’s license. Florida issues special licenses that you must carry when driving motorcycles and similar vehicles. To obtain this license, you need to complete a state-approved motorcycle safety course and pay the state for an additional endorsement on your driver’s license.

Motorcycle Parking Laws

Many people believe that you can legally park a motorcycle anywhere you can legally park a bike. This misconception could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars. When parking, you must keep in mind Florida’s motorized vehicle parking laws:

No Parking on Sidewalks

One of the most important laws for motorcycle owners is that you can’t legally park a motorized vehicle on a sidewalk. This applies throughout the state, though there may be exceptions for specific events.

No Parking in Handicapped Spaces

You cannot obtain a handicap placard for a motorcycle. As a result, motorcycles are never allowed to park in handicapped spaces in Florida. If you do, you risk incurring a $250 fine.

No Parking Adjacent to Other Street Parking

If any other type of vehicle is parked adjacent to the curb, you can’t park a motorcycle next to it. While most people wouldn’t try to park a motorcycle in the street next to a car, this also means you can’t park next to another motorcycle — even if your motorcycle wouldn’t be any farther into the street than other parked cars.

No Parking Anywhere You Can’t Park a Car

Motorcycles are not permitted to park anywhere a car can’t park. This means you can’t park your motorcycle:

  • In an intersection
  • On railroad tracks
  • On a crosswalk
  • On any bridge
  • In front of a fire hydrant
  • In front of a driveway, blocking it

If you park your motorcycle illegally, you can receive a ticket with a fine of up to $100. Depending on where your bike is parked, it might also be towed.

Marked Spaces

Your motorcycle is treated like any other vehicle in a public parking lot. This means that you can park your motorcycle in a full-sized parking space. If motorcycle spaces are available, you have the right to use those as well, but you aren’t required to use them unless signs indicate otherwise.

Motorcycle Parking Safety

When looking for a place to park your motorcycle, you should consider safety and legality. For example, while it might be legal to park directly behind a truck, it might not be safe. If the driver doesn’t notice your vehicle when leaving, they might back into it and crush it. Because a motorcycle is much smaller than a passenger vehicle, you should always be aware of your surroundings when picking a place to park.

Avoid Hefty Fines by Parking Legally

No one wants to pay a fine for illegal parking. So even if it’s fast and convenient to park in an undesignated area, it’s not worth the risk of paying a fine and suffering points on your license.

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