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SETTLEMENT: The Shaked Law Firm settled a negligent/inadequate security case in the amount of nine hundred seventy-five thousand ($975,000.00) dollars against an apartment complex on behalf of our client who was shot in the abdomen while parked in the condominium’s parking lot.  Prior to the Shaked Law Firm’s involvement in the case, two law firms declined to take the case. This did not deter us from seeking justice for the plaintiff, as we knew the condominium was located in a high crime area.  Early in the case, we obtained police reports and police call logs for the condominium itself and the nearby area. We identified numerous reports and calls for shootings, robberies, batteries, and sexual assaults (among others) for the three years prior to the incident.  Despite this criminal activity, the condominium owner still chose to put residents and their guests at risk by not having security guards or installing a guard gate or security cameras. We argued that this made the shooting foreseeable. The defendant and insurance company claimed that the plaintiff was not entitled to damages. The defendant and insurance company ultimately paid $975,000.00 on a $1 million insurance policy to settle the case. Results like this make us proud of what we do.

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