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CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: The Shaked Firm settled a case for $1,000,000.00 on behalf of its client who suffered from a mental disability and was the victim of a sexual assault.  Our client was a young adult male with a learning disability and had the mental capacity of a four to five-year-old.    Our client was sexually assaulted by another student in the bathroom of the school he was attending. The teachers, who were supposed to have been supervising the young adult and the other students, were not paying attention to the actions of the students.   This allowed one of the students, who did not have as a severe condition as our client, to go into the bathroom with our client and take advantage of our client.  To make matters worse, the defendant denied that the event had occurred and that our client was sexually assaulted, despite one of their teachers admitting that our client was sexually assaulted.  The defendant fought the case tooth and nail and refused to admit they had done anything wrong. We were able to speak with the perpetrator and his parents and got the prepetrator to confirm our client’s version of events. It was not until we defeated the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss that the defendant realized they had a problem when they stepped up to the plate and paid the one million ($1,000,000.00) dollar policy limits.

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