Trucking Accidents

Close call imminent crash accident with a tractor trailer truck viewed from inside a passenger car with scared driver face in rear view mirror

Trucking accidents, accidents caused by driver fatigue, poor vehicle maintenance, and unsafe road conditions, may be the fault of more than one party. Truck operators, trucking companies and cargo owners may be held accountable and liable for your injuries from a truck cargo accident.

With the sky-high statistics, the laws surrounding truck accidents should be something the public has more exposure to. That being said, it takes an attorney with realtime experience in this nuanced area of personal injury law to successfully navigate a truck-related collision case. These cases are highly complex because they involved both federal and state law.

A lot of attorneys will advertise that they’re prepared to take on your truck accident claim, but have never actually tried one in a court of law! This is not only deceitful advertising, but can severely hurt the client whom these attorneys represent.

Shaked Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients who have suffered trucking related accidents as a result of regulations violations, driver fatigue, and improperly secured cargo.

A board certified civil trial attorney will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get their valued client the maximum amount of compensation for their trucking related accident. This is because a board certified civil trial attorney has advanced knowledge of federal, state, and specifically trucking-related laws that their non-board certified peers simply don’t have! A board certified attorney is held to a higher standard, and therefore works harder for the client.

Truck Accident Law: What is it? (And Why it Matters!)

By Shaked Law Firm | May 19, 2018

Truck accident law isn’t something we think of very often. Yet, we see commercial trucks out on the road every day. When we get on the overcrowded South Florida highways to go to work, it’s hard to miss them. While commercial trucks on the roads are commonplace, the laws that regulate their commutes are complex. Statistics show that each year nearly 4,000 Americans suffer fatalities from truck-related accidents.

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Truck Accidents Are a Common but Avoidable Problem: Here’s Why (And How!)

By Shaked Law Firm | April 28, 2018

Truck accidents are once again on the rise in big cities like South Florida where commuters are in a hurry, and trucking carriers are understaffed. This means trucking operator training can carelessly fall by the wayside.

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