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Wrongful Death Claims: What Every Beneficiary Must Know After Tragic Loss

Every motion, action, and complaint filed in a courthouse is subject to strictly enforced guidelines that vary based on the state in which they were filed. Florida’s wrongful death statutes are some of the most complex in the nation and require a lawyer that has seen trial over the course of many years to successfully navigate them.

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The Law After Tragic Loss: A Follow-Up

After a wrongful death, there are certain statutes that must be followed to the letter of the law to ensure the victim’s family is properly compensated, and more importantly, sees the justice they’re owed for their catastrophic loss.

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Wrongful Deaths in the Workplace: What Surviving Family Members Must Know in the Wake of a Tragedy

Wrongful deaths in the workplace are some of the worst tragedies that happen to thousands of families every year. Families send their loved ones off to work expecting them to return home at the end of the day, only to receive the phone call no one wants to receive: “there’s been an accident”. Receiving this kind of phone call is only the beginning of what will surely become a long, emotionally trying time in grief-stricken families lives.

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Everything You Need to Know About a Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Part 1

Within the scope of a wrongful death lawsuit lies a nuanced approach to collecting damages. While a family can never put a dollar amount on the loss of a loved one, and shouldn’t have to, there are still financial burdens that must be dealt with after death. For this reason, it’s important to obtain board certified legal counsel to help navigate both the judicial and financial aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Wrongful Death: The Law After Tragic Loss

Wrongful death: No one wants to think about the loss of a loved one under any circumstances, but when a beloved family member passes away due to the negligence of another person, the victim’s family has the right to sue for “wrongful death”.

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