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Nursing Home Abuse: Florida’s Senior Population is Vulnerable

While visiting grandparents or elderly relatives at a nursing home or an assisted living facility, reminiscing and enjoying a meal or activity as a family, we want to know our loved one is receiving the best care. The last thing on our mind should be that someone could be causing an elderly loved one harm, neglecting them, abusing them, or that they’re suffering in any way at the hands of those assigned to care for them.

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Nursing Home Abuse: The Reality of This Tragic Epidemic

Choosing a nursing home to care for our loved ones isn’t an easy decision to come to, and we trust that the choice we make will be one that keeps our parents or grandparents safe from harm. After all, most of the time the decision to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home is due to their inability to safely care for themselves anymore. As family members who care deeply for our loved ones it’s important that we prevent a situation where an elderly loved one can fall and sustain injuries such as broken bones or TBI.

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