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Florida Motorcycle License Laws: Safe Riders Know The Facts!

When it comes to motor vehicle safety, Florida’s laws are clear. The same clarity applies to Florida’s motorcycle laws. It’s important to be as knowledgeable as possible with Florida’s state statutes on motorcycles, and what’s required of riders before the fun part–riding a new Harley–can begin.

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How Do Experienced Riders Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

The best advice we can ever receive is from those who have more experience than we do. When purchasing a motorcycle for the first time, one cannot call themselves an expert, and therefore does not have the same experience in road safety and accident prevention that those who have been on the road for many years do. It’s important to heed advice from sources with insight such as those who prefer to use a motorcycle in place of a car most of the time, as well as motorcycle mechanics, reputable salespeople, and through doing your own research via online forums where bikers gather to discuss their hobby amongst themselves.

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Motorcycle Accidents and Their Impact on the Brain, Part 1

In general, road accidents are one of the leading cause of fatal injuries in the United States. Specifically, motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous of all road-related injuries sustained by Americans every day, in large part because of the sudden damage to the brain caused by a blow to the skull, which is not protected by a vehicle when it comes in contact with the road.

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Motorcycles 101: Accidents Happen, How to Stay Safe on the Road

Road accidents are all similar in that they cause serious injuries and financial strain, but there are inherent differences between motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents. The liability pertaining to motorcycle accidents, for one, is not the same as the liability surrounding automobile accidents.

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