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How Can Nursing Homes Better Keep the Elderly Safe?

Hurricane season is here. As much as we all hate the sound of those words, we must be diligent in our preparations in the event of a storm. As Floridians, many of us native to the state, we’ve all learned how to prepare our “just in case” supplies ahead of time and stash them away, hoping we won’t need them. Floridians as a whole became complacent last year in the wake of Hurricane Irma, who struck our state with a vengeance, leaving most of South Florida without power for days or weeks. The state recovered and life went back to normal, but there was still a sense of fear instilled in all of us.

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Nursing Home Neglect: What You Need to Know About This Rising Epidemic

Nursing home neglect is on the rise in states like Florida, where the large population of elderly residents have come to retire for its warm weather and scenic beaches. This epidemic has become such a problem that nursing facilities are mandated by law to provide potential patients and their families with a written statement of their abuse and neglect policies as enforced by the AHCA, prior to admitting the resident into the facility. These policies are in place to ensure that both patients and healthcare providers employed by the facility keep up with changes to the law as they are amended by the state.

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The Reality of Nursing Home Abuse: Your Loved One Has Rights

When we pay our grandparents a weekend visit at a nursing home or an assisted living facility, the last thing on our mind is that someone could be abusing them. It’s difficult enough for us to see them in what amounts to, in many people’s minds, a hospital setting. We often feel as if we should’ve done more for our loved one or that they could never be happy in a nursing home. Most of the time, this isn’t the case. The elderly can thrive and regain lost health in a nursing home setting where there is 24/7 care and their needs are being met quickly and with compassion.

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