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Sexual Assault

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Due to the current climate and the nature of sexual assault and sexual abuse, it's important to give each and every victim a platform to speak their truth. There are things we MUST do not only as Personal Injury attorneys but as human beings with empathy to ensure that victims feel safe and as at ease as possible when sharing their ordeal. We must listen when they speak, and never interrupt.

Some victims will not want to speak of their ordeal at the first meeting, and may want to write it down. Encouraging a survivor of sexual assault to pursue their right to justice in a gentle and understanding manner, while remaining patient and willing to fight for them are the most important things an attorney can do.

Remember, when an attorney is retained by a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, they are placing a great deal of trust in the chosen attorney. That confidentiality, trust, and belief in their story (as well as their right to justice) is something that cannot ever be broken. These types of cases are extremely sensitive in nature, and must be handled carefully and only by experienced board-certified legal counsel.

Shaked Law Firm has the experience, understanding, and compassion necessary to handle these very sensitive cases and can offer our clients the utmost confidentiality in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. We also offer home and hospital visits whenever necessary to accommodate our clients very specific needs.

Healthcare Workers Violating Patient Care: an Epidemic That Can’t Be Ignored

By Shaked Law Firm | August 2, 2018

The last thing a family expects is to come to the realization that their loved one has become the victim of abuse. When the abuse comes at the hands of a healthcare worker entrusted with the care of a loved one, it’s not only unfathomable that this could happen to patients in need of medical care, but it’s unacceptable on the part of healthcare professionals employed to perform their duties with a reasonable standard of care.

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The Time’s Up Movement Goes Beyond Hollywood, Hits Home

By Shaked Law Firm | July 11, 2018

This article contains content that may be sensitive to some readers. We understand that for survivors of sexual assault and their families this content may be difficult to read and have added this warning to prevent any unnecessary emotional distress.

Survivors of sexual violence are encouraged to contact RAINN at 1-800.656.HOPE for the assistance they need to heal after becoming the victim of these unspeakable crimes.

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