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Property Claims

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Every day in Florida, residents are bombarded with reminders that the next hurricane season is just around the corner. It seems that just as one hurricane season ends, we're already hearing about how to prepare for the next. The barrage of commercials and news media instructing us to "be prepared!" is endless. So how do we make sense of everything we're hearing? Making sure we only have the facts, and not the song and dance that comes with being a Floridian!

When it comes to damage sustained during a hurricane, the best plan of action for recovering the monetary compensation you're owed in order to get your home fixed as quickly as possible and allow life to return to normal is to retain Board Certified legal experts that are prepared to handle storm claims. The Property Claim Lawyers at Shaked Law Firm have decades of combined experience with natural disasters and have successfully resolved numerous cases for our clients, allowing their homes to be repaired and their lives to return to normal.

Aside from hurricane season that plagues Florida, there are other property nightmares that can occur even when natural disasters are kept at bay. Roof damage, sinkholes, theft, and water damage can all cause homeowners to be temporarily (or permanently) forced to leave their home and find alternate living arrangements. This is not only a financial disaster, but it uproots families and causes stress and mental anguish.

Let the insurance claim experts at Shaked Law Firm handle your case from start to finish. We're by our clients' side every step of the way. We want the best for our clients physically–should they sustain injuries on the medical side, and financially–should they find themselves in financial straits due to unfair insurance practices.

Contact our Property Insurance Lawyers today for a free consultation; there's no obligation!

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