Negligent Security

two city security cameras on the glass facade

Shaked Law Firm is here to protect your rights when you have suffered an assault or shooting injury due to Negligent Security. When people disregard the potential danger of firearms, the results can be catastrophic and ultimately fatal. Failing to secure a property can have catastrophic results for those who frequent the premises. If you have been injured as a result of an accidental shooting, the personal injury attorneys of Shaked Law Firm will passionately protect your interests and are ready to obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

In a court of law, a plaintiff and their attorney must prove the business (or property) owner was aware of the rate of crime surrounding the area in which they maintain their business is exponentially higher than other neighboring areas.

Furthermore, they must be able to prove the owner failed to update or maintain their security in accordance with the crime rate. When negligent security can be proven, the property owner may be responsible for damages awarded to the plaintiff for their pain and suffering.

  • Duty of care was not exercised in discovering the area’s prior crimes
  • The plaintiff must prove he or she was on the premises in a legal manner; hired to do a job there, shopping at a business, etc.
  • The property owner knew of security risks but failed to maintain or update their security to provide adequate protection for those who must come onto the property to do business or perform a job

When it comes to negligent security, and in turn premises liability, the plaintiff will be asked show very specific details that deem the defendant responsible (liable) for their pain and suffering. When it comes to a negligent security action, the attorney must provide proof on behalf of their injured client that the proprietor failed to act in a manner considered reasonable.

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Negligent Security: What is it and Who is Responsible?

By Shaked Law Firm | March 13, 2018

Negligent security. The term may not be familiar to you, the definition certainly will be. Justia defines “negligent security” as follows: “It is the basis by which an individual injured by a third party tries to hold liable the owner or tenant of the property where a criminal injury is inflicted.”

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