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Medical Malpractice

Shaked Law Firm

If a licensed health care professional has betrayed your trust by providing substandard care that left you feeling worse after you were released from a local hospital, the experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Shaked Law Firm fight for your rights, health, and future.

There are three major, straightforward types of medical malpractice that most often affect patients when it comes to their healthcare:

1. Failure to diagnose: this is self explanatory, but there are patients who still don’t know that NOT being diagnosed can be just as injurious as a wrong diagnosis. Without a diagnosis, the patient can’t receive the proper treatment needed to restore their health and return their quality of life. This can lead to worsening of symptoms, progression of illness, and in extreme cases the patient can even lose their life from lack of treatment. It must be proven in a court of law that a more competent physician could’ve discovered, diagnosed, and treated the illness in a way that could have saved the patient’s health (or their life).

2. Failure to provide treatment: failure to provide treatment could mean several things: if a competent physician could be proven to have provided the same treatment the negligent doctor provided, but in a way that was considered more reasonable (dosing, length of treatment, no delays in treatment), then the physician may be liable. Failure to provide treatment can also be a factor if a more reasonable physician would’ve provided a treatment that could’ve restored the health of the patient, or at least prevented them from deteriorating and the negligent doctor did not pursue such an option. Both of these factors could be grounds for medical malpractice.

3. Failure to disclose risks: a physician is required by law (and because they took an oath to “do no harm”, to warn the patient of any known risk factors, big or small, that come with the treatment they are providing them. These risk factors can range from simple and treatable side effects such as headache or dizziness, to more severe side effects such as infections, swelling, blood clots, and death. We hear these side effects disclosed in drug and medical procedure commercials regularly, but it’s the physician’s duty to explain to the patient everything that could potentially occur over the course of their treatment. Failure to do so (if the doctor knew they were withholding the information) could result in a medical malpractice claim being filed against the doctor.

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