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Commercial Property Claims

Newly constructed commercial space available for sale or lease

When it comes to being a business owner, the liability can be exceedingly higher than that of a private homeowner. Merchandise, use of company vehicles, and other products that need be insured can require a much higher insurance premium–this makes the policy expensive!

Problems arise when a business owner expects to receive what their owed simply for filing a claim with their insurance company. Unfortunately for business owning victims of theft, fire, storm damage, or other commercial property damage insurance companies don't play fair. Claims will be denied and no proper explanation will be given. If by chance the insurance company does pay out, it's for far less than the business owner is rightfully owed.

The professional, experienced Commercial Property Claim Lawyers at Shaked Law Firm can resolve the most complicated insurance claim issues resulting from fire, theft, or property damage as a result of Florida's unpredictable weather. We go the distance for our clients; all the way to trial when necessary.

Contact our Commercial Property Insurance Lawyers today for a free consultation; there's no obligation!

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