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Commercial Property Claims

Newly constructed commercial space available for sale or lease

When it comes to being a business owner, the liability can be exceedingly higher than that of a private homeowner. Merchandise, use of company vehicles, and other products that need be insured can require a much higher insurance premium–this makes the policy expensive!

Why would a business owner need a Commercial Property Insurance lawyer?

Problems arise when a business owner expects to receive what they're owed simply for filing a claim with their insurance company. Unfortunately for business owning victims of theft, fire, storm damage, or other commercial property damage insurance companies don't play fair. Aside from property damage, accidents happen every day on commercial properties such as malls and big box stores.

Whether a victim slips and falls or suffers a concussion or brain injury from improperly shelved merchandise, it's important that those who have come to harm while shopping, dining, or working are represented by lawyers that have the experience to get them through their recovery, on the medical side, as well as financially on the legal side.

Without an experienced Commercial Property Insurance lawyer, claims will be denied and no meaningful explanation will be given by the insurance company. This tactic is what's known as Deny, Delay, Don't Pay! If by chance the insurance company does pay out after months or even years of legal strife, the compensation is far less than the business owner is rightfully owed.

What is the standard of care required on a commercial property?

When out shopping, dining, or working, Florida's diverse residents can fall victim to serious injuries when business owners fail to employ a standard of care on their property. Failing to uphold the standard of care can include but is not limited to:

  • Improperly paved sidewalks or unsafe parking lots
  • Lack of adequate lighting for businesses open after dark
  • Malfunctioning security cameras or no security cameras on the property whatsoever
  • Merchandise on shelves that are improperly built and/or not routinely serviced when in need of repair
  • Failure to place Wet Floor signs in bathrooms and other areas where cleaning has recently taken place

Are victims entitled to compensation after sustaining injuries on a commercial property?

One of our Board Certified Commercial Property Insurance lawyers can offer legal advice during the initial consultation. As every Personal Injury case is different, it's important that our lawyers know the specific facts of your case. If a victim comes to harm on while acting in a manner that can be considered safe and careful but still suffers life threatening injuries as a result of unsafe conditions that they were not reasonably able to be aware of, it's possible that with legal representation, they will be able to obtain compensation.

What type of accidents can happen as a result of unsafe conditions on a commercial property?

Accidents happen every day in South Florida, where businesses are busy, people are in a rush, and business owners may become careless. However, a busy shopping mall, store, or restaurant is not an excuse to lack property safety measures and protect those who visit the property from coming to harm in unsafe shopping or dining conditions. Below, we've listed some injuries our lawyers have litigated successfully as a result of unsafe properties where our clients have been severely harmed:

  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Head injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Why is Shaked Law Firm the best choice for a Commercial Property Insurance lawyer?

The professional, experienced Commercial Property Claim Lawyers at Shaked Law Firm can resolve the most complicated insurance claim issues resulting from fire, theft, or property damage as a result of Florida's unpredictable weather. We're also there for our clients who have come to harm on a commercial property, such as sustaining injuries in a slip and fall or suffering a concussion from falling merchandise. We go the distance for our clients every day. We never back down and we never settle for less. We're with our clients through every step of their case, from lawyers to legal assistants, Shaked Law Firm has the experience to go all the way to trial when necessary.

Contact our Commercial Property Insurance Lawyers today for a free consultation; there's no obligation!

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