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SETTLEMENT: The Shaked Law Firm settled a negligent/inadequate security case against a strip club on behalf of its client who was robbed, shot and killed while on the premises.   The defendant strip club failed to provide its customers, including our client, with security in its parking lot.  Specifically, our client was leaving the strip club on the way to his car in the Defendant’s parking lot when he was shot and killed by criminals.   The strip club failed to keep the parking lot and the premises free from criminals.  There was crime on the property going back five (5) years before this case. The Shaked Law Firm was able to prove that the strip club knew about the prior crimes and did nothing to protect its customers.  Its cases that like this one that communicates to all business that you must protect your customers.  If you know of crimes on your property, you must ensure to provide adequate security to your customers.

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