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SETTLEMENT:   The Shaked Law Firm settled this case on behalf of a 36-year old male who suffered life-altering injuries when the company driver made an improper turn into an intersection in which our client was riding his scooter into.  Our client had the right of way.  Within minutes of the accident, the defendants hired experts (Accident Reconstructionist and Human Factor Expert) to defend the liability that led to our client’s injuries. The Defendants even went so far to hide the fact that the company driver was on the phone and possibly looking at his laptop.   The Defendants fought tooth and nail on every issue imaginable, however, this did not deter the Shaked Law Firm in obtaining the justice our client rightfully deserved. The Shaked Law Firm thoroughly investigated this matter so that the Defendants had no choice but to admit liability.  Prior to trial and a hearing on a motion to amend the complaint to include a claim for punitive damages, the Defendants decided it would be in their best interest to pay nine million ($9,000,000.00) dollars and avoid a trial against the Shaked Law Firm.  The client sustained a closed head injury, herniated disk to his neck and back requiring surgery along with fractures to his nasal, femur, tibia, and fibula.

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