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SETTLEMENT: The Shaked Law Firm settled a case for $725,000.00 on a $10,000.00 policy. Our client sustained a closed head traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident while he was riding a motorcycle.  The defendant driver of an SUV made an improper turn directly in front of him causing our client to strike the side of the SUV.  The impact dislodged our client’s helmet and caused him to be thrown from the motorcycle.   He landed on the roadway and suffered facial fractures, a head injury and other injuries throughout his body.   Our client was transferred to the hospital where he was admitted for four days and then discharged.   Before the accident, our client worked as a steel worker and after the accident, he was not able to perform the same duties due to balance and memories issues.   The Defendant had a minimal policy of insurance, specifically, only ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars.  The Defendant’s insurance company dropped the ball and failed to timely tender (pay) the insurance policy in a timely fashion.  As a result, the insurance company became liable for the full value of our client’s injury despite the fact that they only issued a minimal policy.  Eventually, after years of litigation, the Shaked Law Firm was able to convince the insurance company to pay significant extra contractual damages far above their minimal policy limits of $10,000.00.

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