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Sagi Shaked Esq. is one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the country as named by The American Trial Lawyers Association.

You deserve the best

Our experience has taught us that the best source of a future client is a former client who knows that they received the best outcome possible in their case. To accomplish that, the team at Shaked Law Firm made an educated decision to limit the number of cases each attorney handles at any one time. This ensures that proper attention is granted to every client, every time. At Shaked Law Firm, we place an emphasis on a client-above-all approach to personal injury law.

Shaked Law Firm understands the necessity of “it’s all in the details” and pays close attention to every aspect of our cases. The team at Shaked Law Firm welcomes referrals from attorneys throughout the U.S. Attorneys refer cases to Shaked Law Firm specifically because we are not a “factory”, we aren’t a large volume firm. At Shaked Law Firm each case gets the attention it deserves.

The attorneys who refer to us know firsthand that we are the most capable, equipped to prepare, analyze, and try even the most complex cases from start to finish. Referring attorneys rely on Shaked Law Firm because they know that our attorneys are outstanding, experienced litigators in the areas in which they practice.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the firm’s abilities is that the team at Shaked Law Firm has been referred cases by jurors before whom our attorneys have appeared. Any attorney who refers a case to Shaked Law Firm is confident that his or her client is being represented by a highly experienced attorney backed up by seasoned, equally experienced partners who are leaders in the personal injury field and easily referred to as the best in the state of Florida.



The Shaked Law Firm is a strong believer in giving back to the community. We not only say it––we actually do it. We have proudly sponsored numerous events for local and state non-profit organizations helping those in need. The attorneys at Shaked Law Firm have geared their natural compassion for clients toward various philanthropic efforts such as helping to feed the homeless, caring for the elderly, and reading to children.

After representing hundreds of clients over the years, the attorneys at Shaked Law Firm recognized that far too many children were getting injured and dying due to accidental drownings and unsafe swimming pools. As a result, and with tremendous research and time, Shaked Law Firm created a highly utilized safety checklist for parents, caregivers, and commercial property owners regarding pool safety and prevention of pool accidents as well as drownings that has helped save lives and potentially help prevent future drowning accidents.

Never Settle.