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After a Trucking Accident, the Trucking Company May Be Liable, and Here’s Why!

After a trucking accident in which a victim sustains seriously bodily injury, the first thing that must be done once they’re stabilized, medically, is to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer. A Personal Injury lawyer with years of trucking accident experience will be able to determine if injuries sustained by a victim entitle them to recover damages.

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Necessity of a Board Certified Accident Lawyer, Our Top 5 List!

Share This!For Personal Injury lawyers, Board Certification is a mark of excellence in a professional career. Patients would never trust a doctor who lacks Board Certification with their care. The same should be said for legal representation. Victims should turn to Board Certified lawyers when it comes to who they trust with their livelihood post-accident.…

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Demonstrative Aids Are an Important Part of Successful Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to experience, many lawyers fall short in the area of knowing just how important Demonstrative Aids, also known as “visual proof” are throughout the legal process. During trial, Demonstrative Aids are invaluable in cases with invisible injuries such as TBI and concussions. When Personal Injury lawyers don’t feel they need to use visual proof to support their case, it means they may lack trial preparation experience and have not seen enough cases to (successful) verdict. This lack of attention to detail should be a red flag for a client to find another law firm.

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Neck and Spine Injuries After Car Accident: The Personal Injury Perspective

After a motor vehicle accident, victims are left with any number of injuries that span from head-to-toe. Strains, sprains, broken bones, bumps and bruises, dislocations, and whiplash injuries can all cause a victim widespread chronic pain. However, one of the most serious injuries sustained in a road-related accident is any impact to the head and neck area. Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury can heavily impact the victim’s ability to live a full, independent life.

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Car Insurance Coverage Facts Florida Drivers Must Know!

The truth is, insurance companies hope that they can distract drivers from what’s not covered with flashy commercials, cute animals, and attractive actors. It’s important to understand the reality of the auto insurance policy you select, no matter how entertaining the commercials.

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Wrongful Death in the Workplace and What Florida Families Need to Know

What is Workplace Wrongful Death?

Wrongful deaths in the workplace are some of the worst tragedies that happen to thousands of families every year. Families send their loved ones off to work expecting them to return home at the end of the day, only to receive the phone call no one wants to receive: “there’s been an accident”. Receiving this kind of phone call is only the beginning of what will surely become a long, emotionally trying time in grief-stricken families lives.

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What’s Defined as “Personal Injury” and “Accident Law”?

The accidents, injuries, and illnesses that may occur as a result of negligent, careless, reckless, and occasionally actions with the intent to cause harm to another all come under the umbrella known as Personal Injury Law. Whether it’s a business owner or a healthcare professional, these careless, negligent, or reckless actions can result in a direct risk to public safety (and in the most severe instances, cause loss of life).

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Why a Personal Injury Law Firm’s Experience (and Success Rate) Matter!

Good vs great: lack of experience could be standing between you and substantial financial compensation for your injury: When you’re injured due to injury or accident caused by the negligent behavior of another, it’s an unsettling, scary, and emotionally taxing experience. What’s worse, being injured can keep you out of work and wreak havoc financially on you and your family.

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