The Dangers of Distracted Driving

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Whether we’re turning around to quiet down the kids in the back seat, getting an urgent text from a family member, or are simply in a hurry to get to where we’re going five minutes faster, distracted drivers are all around us. However, distracted driving should never be accepted as normal or “bound to happen”. Distracted driving is something that as drivers, we can all work to prevent, because when we prevent distractions–we prevent tragic road accidents.

This article will present everything drivers in busy cities like Miami need to know when it comes to distracted driving and how it’s more easily preventable than it may seem at first glance. We’ll cover types of distracted driving and the consequences of what can happen when drivers become reckless on the road. Buckle up for our latest installment of the Shaked Law Blog here on The Law Resource!

Everyday occurrences

What we may consider everyday occurrences can be detrimental and disastrous when they occur on the road. Turning around to ask the kids to be quiet and running a red light or being in the habit of looking at our phones whenever they light up with a text or a call thus missing a turn and causing an accident are just two examples of things we do in our daily lives that, when we become reckless and do those same things in a car, can be disastrous.

It’s important to remember that despite how normal it may be for us to parent our children or answer a quick text message, we shouldn’t attempt to do these things in a moving vehicle. Driving should be the sole focus of the person behind the wheel. The consequences of what could be considered reckless driving (a text message can wait, returning a call should be saved for when the vehicle is safely parked) can be severe–not only due to the potential for an accident, but due to the potential for serious legal consequences the driver may face if he or she is sued for harmed caused to another.

Damage of distractions

The consequences of distracted driving are far reaching. Not only is reckless driving considered breaking the law, but charges against the driver could turn criminal in the event of a wrongful death; (it’s important to retain board certified legal counsel for advice specific to your case in the event a loved one passes away due to a reckless driver). Aside from the legal consequences a driver faces for answering that text or trying to put on makeup before reaching the office, the physical cost of a motor vehicle accident in which a driver’s actions become reckless can be devastating.

Lifelong injuries and fatalities occur because a driver chose to answer a text message. We must remember that nothing is worth the potential risk to life–the driver’s own life or that of other motorists–and that the iPhone can wait. The risk of causing harm to another in the event of becoming distracted on the road should be heavily considered before ever getting behind the wheel. We cannot allow a bad day at the office, writing a grocery list, putting on makeup, or talking to the kids get in the way of a safe trip to wherever we need to get to, and in the way of where those we share the road with need to get to as well.

Types of distractions

Personal Injury attorneys see more motor vehicle accident victims than they can count. This unfortunate occurrence is far too common. Some of the causes of motor vehicle accidents that lawyers see on a daily basis are things the average driver would never even consider, and some that are simply common but preventable.

  • Eating a meal (trying to handle a fork and the steering wheel can have serious, fatal consequences)
  • Putting on makeup (this should be done when the vehicle is in park, or before leaving the house)
  • Texting while driving
  • Holding the phone while driving as opposed to using the Bluetooth feature offered in most newer cars
  • Playing with the radio, iPod, or CDs
  • Using the GPS while the car is in motion

The best thing to do while driving is simple: drive! If it can “possibly” pose a distraction on the road, don’t do it. Putting the phone down may seem stressful when expecting an important call or text but remember, we all want to get to where we’re going to receive that text or that call. It’s even more important to remember that so many of us drive with children in the car, and protecting their lives should be a priority.

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