The Top 5 Reasons Accident Victims Need a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney

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After an accident where a victim sustains bodily injury, the first thing they or their family may consider is legal representation to ascertain whether or not they or their loved one has a case. “I’m going to sue you!” is a misnomer that is overused and it’s connotation is that of the lawyers we see on television commercials advertising their firms and promising large settlements. Lawyers should never promise a client an outcome they can’t back up should the case go to trial. False promises and dishonesty can kill a case.

Within this article we’ll be our readers’ resource for the Top 5 reasons victims should retain a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney after an accident. We’ll cover everything from the paperwork, to the exceptionally complex legal system to the moral and ethical standing a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney must uphold throughout their career.

#1: The Insurance Companies Look to Take Advantage of Injured Accident Victims

When it comes to fighting the insurance company, it’s a losing battle if an accident victim chooses to do so without board certified legal representation. Insurance companies are not in the business of treating accident victims fairly. If the victim resorts to dealing with the insurance company alone, there is a high chance that they will not be treated with the fairness they deserve when it comes to compensation for their injury.

In previous articles, we talked about a practice known as Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay to scare off victims from the compensation owed to them. This tactic is used as soon as the insurance company finds out the victim is not being represented by an attorney, or that their attorney is a “paper pusher”. A “paper pusher” is what we refer to on the blog as an attorney that takes as many claims as possible just to bolster their “wins” when in fact, these “wins” were simply obtaining any small amount of compensation on behalf of their clients (even if it was not the maximum amount owed to them).

Victims with a “paper pusher” or without board certified legal representation will often receive nothing or a paltry sum when they were entitled to far more, but did not have the resources to fight for it properly. Without a board certified attorney, fighting the insurance company will be an endless, fruitless battle. The claim may never be resolved in favor of the victim.

#2: The Legal System is Complex and Not Something Accident Victims Should Navigate Alone

The second reason an accident victim should never attempt to fight alone after becoming injured by the recklessness of another is a simple one: the legal system is complex. Understanding statutes, laws, and what is actually able to be litigated is extremely difficult. A board certified civil trial lawyer has consistently upheld a high level of success in all of these areas when it comes to his or her clients.

Furthermore, only a board certified civil trial lawyer will be able to go up against insurance companies with less than honest agendas. Whether it’s preparing a client for a successful mediation or going all the way to trial, the attorney will know the process of navigating each in regard to the specific accident and injuries the victim has sustained. Each Personal Injury claim is different, and therefore cannot be represented the same each time. Having experience with the type of accident a client has sustained is only the first step to a successful outcome. A board certified civil trial lawyer will know the finer points.

#3: The Amount of Paperwork Will Be Overwhelming

This next one may not be as obvious as our previous reasons to seek a board certified lawyer after an accident, but not only is the legal system complex, it’s almost entirely paperwork. Trying to sort through the amount of legal documents that require very specific information alone is another losing battle for an accident victim. Knowing which motions to file and how to achieve a successful outcome (obtaining exactly what’s necessary to try the case) during Discovery are things best left for the experienced attorney and not for a client attempting to represent themselves. Insurance companies will use the amount of paperwork as another way to take advantage of the victim, overwhelm them in hopes that they simply give up on the claim.

#4: A Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney is the Best Representation a Victim Can Retain

Board certification is a process that begins with young lawyers striving to achieve more than getting clients out the door with a check. Young lawyers must stay hungry through the early years of their career so that they may hold the honor of board certification when they finally attain the title of Senior Attorney within their firm.

Only 1% of attorneys reach this milestone and become board certified civil trial lawyers. This highly sought after but rarely realized achievement puts board certified lawyers above and beyond their non-board certified peers by leaps and bounds. Attaining double certification is less common, as less than 1% of lawyers can claim this crowning jewel of success. Double board certification means not only is the attorney board certified within the state they practice, but nationally.

#5: A Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney Has More Experience

Compared to their non-board certified peers, a board certified civil trial lawyer upholds a higher standard of morals, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness within their profession. Their success rate is based on client satisfaction, not the number of clients the lawyer was able to push out the door with a small check. Board certified civil trial lawyers obtain million and multimillion dollar settlements on behalf of their clients because they’re the ones who see cases through to the end, to trial if necessary.

These lawyers are the ones who have the experience to call the right expert witnesses, preserve evidence (this is called Spoliation of Evidence) and file motions in a timely manner. Board certified lawyers are professional and conduct themselves above the standard that’s expected in the office and in the courtroom.

Closing arguments

Now that we’ve established our “Top 5”, our readers can better inform themselves of why they must place themselves in the best, board certified hands when it comes to legal representation should they ever find themselves the victim of an accident for which they were not at-fault.

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