Why Your Attorney’s Experience Matters!

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Good vs great: lack of experience could be standing between you and substantial financial compensation for your injury

When you’re injured due to injury or accident caused by the negligent behavior of another, it’s an unsettling, scary, and emotionally taxing experience. What’s worse, being injured can keep you out of work and wreak havoc financially on you and your family.

If your accident or injury was the fault of another person, you need to seek out an experienced board certified civil trial attorney to navigate the legal system for you. Retaining a personal injury attorney with experience is the first step to successfully obtaining compensation for your pain and suffering.

An experienced personal injury attorney is key

In our “Hiring an Attorney 101” series, we looked at the specialty known as personal injury and what it means when an attorney is a “board certified” civil trial attorney.

Now, we must look at why an attorney’s experience is another key factor in being able obtain the highest amount of compensation on behalf of their client.

Contingency 101: what you need to know about the practice and what it means for you, financially

You often hear the word “contingent” or  “contingency” in the world of personal injury lawsuits. What does it mean? What bearing does it have on your case?

First, let’s define the word “contingent” in the context of personal injury:

“In a contingent fee arrangement, the client pays no fee if her claim is not successful, but if her claim is successful, she pays the lawyer a set share of the judgment or settlement amount.”

Exemplary experience and superior success rate

When you retain an experienced board certified civil trial attorney, they will have vast experience with claims similar to yours, and that’s a good thing!

For one, this means they’ve “been there, done that” and can handle anything throughout the duration of the case: Mediation? They’ve arranged them. Arbitration? They know the drill! The claim goes to trial? They’ve got your back.

For these reasons (and various others, too) your attorney’s experience in personal injury law matters. Knowing you have a board certified civil trial attorney on your legal team means you have someone who not only exceeded the expectations necessary to perform their job successfully, they’ve maintained a level of success and high standards throughout their career, consistently.

Board certified means better, more trustworthy

Board certified attorneys are leaps and bounds above their uncertified peers. Their conduct, know-how, and success are unmatched in their chosen specialty.

Injuries are emotional, your attorney see the facts

During a time of pain and injury, mourning the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or neglect, or the emotional and financial strain that arises when one has an accident your attorney is able to separate the facts from the emotions that often run high. It’s your attorney’s job to provide an objective perspective on the matter based on their experience and knowledge of the law.

One example being the offer of a settlement: when financial strain arises, and emotions are tense, you may make a snap judgement and accept the money on the spot. Your attorney, however, can tell you from experience if it’s a better idea to hold off for a higher sum.

This will always vary from case to case, and only a board certified civil trial attorney can offer the best, most unbiased advice on your personal injury claim.

Laws, statues, procedures

Statutes of limitations, laws, and legal procedure all vary from state-to-state. This is why a lawyer with experience is key. Your attorney should be well versed in the laws, statutes, and legal procedure for the state in which they practice. An experienced attorney also has an experienced staff that works hard to prepare your case.

When you can trust the attorney and his or her staff, and are given peace of mind, all you have to focus on is recovering from your accident, and that should come as a great stress reliever in chaotic times.

Legal jargon, paperwork, and medical records, oh my!

Your experienced attorney knows how to stay calm under pressure, no matter what paperwork or confusing legal jargon is thrown at them. That’s their job.

Great attorneys build their career around staying rational, calm, and unbiased when things get chaotic. An attorney’s conduct under stress is important: a loud, brash attorney that muscles his or her way into a situation without thinking doesn’t always win the case!

A board certified civil trial attorney that conducts themselves with pride in their chosen specialty, makes sure their client’s best interest is always first, and their focus on the facts of the case is an attorney with a high success rate. It’s what separates “good” from “great” and “uncertified” from “board certified”.

TV shows portray actors, not attorneys

The lawyers presented to us on TV and in movies are just that–made for TV and movies. Your attorney’s knowledge, high standards set for themselves, and experience is what got them where they are.

In the end, it’s all about ethics

Last but certainly not least, is ethics. Every attorney is required to practice ethically, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to take advantage of a plaintiff without experienced counsel on their side. This is why a board certified civil trial attorney is expected to maintain a superior level of ethics on top of their exemplary conduct.

Protecting the client and having their best interest should be an attorney’s #1 priority. When an injured client retains a board certified civil trial attorney, they’re often scared, in pain, and looking for someone to fight for their rights. A board certified civil trial attorney has compassion and empathy and always fights passionately to obtain the compensation the client deserves.

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