Motorcycles 101: Accidents Happen, How to Stay Safe on the Road

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Road accidents are all similar in that they cause serious injuries and financial strain, but there are inherent differences between motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents. The liability pertaining to motorcycle accidents, for one, is not the same as the liability surrounding automobile accidents.

The injuries sustained, and the actual cause of motorcycle collisions also vary from those of automobile accidents.

This blog will attempt to investigate those differences and what you need to know when it comes to getting out on the road safely with that new Harley.

New motorcycle? Consider the risks before you hit the road

First things first: motorcycles are not cars. They are lighter, are two-wheeled, and do not offer the same protection as an automobile, because the safety of the metal box that makes up the structure is simply not there. Motorcycles are meant for enjoying the open road and are a great personal investment for those who take the time to learn about the risks involved before they start cruising.

First time rider? This is what you need to know

Some of the most important risks to consider before you head out on your first ride:

  • Hazards on the road: it may post little problem to a car, but road debris and uneven surfaces can pose a fundamental risk to motorcycles
  • The barrier between the rider and the road doesn’t exist: when you ride a motorcycle, you’re unprotected and that introduces a safety risk. Without seatbelts and airbags present, injuries sustained in an accident are far more severe. Always invest in a well-fitting helmet upon purchasing a motorcycle and never, ever ride without it!
  • Skill level: qualifying for a motorcycle license requires a higher level of skill than driving a car. This is because vehicles on two wheels don’t offer the same stability as a car, which has four.

A motorcycle looks cool, but being a safe rider is of utmost importance

It should be noted that riders who cannot handle the motorcycle properly pose a risk not only to themselves, but to everyone else around them. An untrained rider that causes a collision would be liable for any injuries and damage they cause to those with whom they share the road.

Spending the time and money on proper motorcycle riding classes is extremely important. Be diligent and practice in areas where there are no risks posed to your life or anyone else’s before you take to the road.

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